Where our story began …

So where did this story start?

It was during a meeting around December 2018, that the idea grow to start a new fashion brand with a strong connection towards quality, durability, sustainability, faire production and ecological awareness!

We always had a soft spot for the simplicity, stylistic pure, but yet richness of Scandinavian design, the Nordic way. It took us not long finding an iconic symbol that would translate these feelings and ideas into a strong branding of our new label.

It was just the beginning…

Being new to textile and fashion, the journey began to find suppliers, choosing an assortment, making a web shop and dealing with so many other aspects that we hadn’t encountered yet.

But we had a lot of fun!

Who would knew that, having a discussion on were to put a hangtag, label, choosing quality fabrics or where to embroider our symbols, could give so much positive energy and a personal drive to continue and to deliver the best for our customers.

Now, almost 18 months after the idea popped up, we are proud to announce the launch of our trendy fashion brand, but as it turns out in a situation which is far from ideal…

The world is struck by Covid-19 and while the world economy and our health care systems are under a lot of pressure, we know as entrepreneurs that there will always be a tomorrow!

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” as Friedrich Nietzsche would have said.

We can only invite you in our story and try it out yourself!

Bart & Yves